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August 2011

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Wana, how are you? What have u done to spend ur free tym?

Aigoo.. Today at school, we're waited for 2 hours for the prof that suppose to give us lecture today. Some of the Palestinian boys, Su3ad The Yamani gave up in the middle way. I know this is way too much. Isn't it a common sense to do what you already said. When you stated that class will be 9am-11am, I just can't understand most of people [the egyptians actually] will 1-1.5 hour late. You're using other people's precious tym. It's quite dissappointing because the most important thing is, You're a Muslim! haih~ [better to end my khutbah today]
It's a relief that the 2-hours-wait paid off. Prof Majed lectured Malpresentation in such an excellence way. I'm just very impressed with my egyptians doctors. Most of them are very genius [3abqariyy in arabic]. The maneuvre he showed make me understand easier. Alhmdulillah! everybody plz make du'aa for me. the xms are juz a round the corner. Himnae! Syidda Hilayya!

I want to be hardworking juz like Seohyunnie!                    
want to be hardworking just like seohyunn~
Bonus fan service to SNSD's + Sweet Potato couple's fan
like me. ahaha

This morning, I got an SMS from my mum saying she was very sad that my grandmother said recently she likes to sleep. You know juz like my late great grandfather, Atuk Aliman, before he passed away, he spent  most of his time sleeping too.So sad, so sad, it's a sad sad situation.. I pray to Allah so that my beloved grandmother lives longer so that her family can keep berbakti to her.

I love u, nenek!

Sorry for the picture. can't find a better one.hehe. we love u nenek!!

neway, CN Blue has came with their 2nd mini album - LOVE LIGHT. Super Junior also has made a recent comeback with their BONAMANA-The fourth album. Buya! EunHyuk with his one-sided transverse scar at his right eye. haha juz like a clown

OK. enuf for today. plz pray n make du'aa for me for the upcoming final exam.
O&G + Paediatric.
Allahumma la sahla illa ma ja3altahu sahla, wa anta taj3al el-hazna iza syi'ta sahla