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August 2011

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It's A Life Of Test

hi there~ yahoo! tomorrow will be holiday for me. because of SINAI Independence Day. april 25th.
yosh! I need to study and finish my reading. Ok, don't forget to tahdiir 4 my qiraat  class.

Well, juz want to share a story. yesterday, i've met one of my junior. She told me about her mother's latest condition.
Rite now, her mother is getting chemotherapy from HUKM because of lymphoma. the diagnosis was made nearly 6 years ago.
for the previous years, she already faced many treatments including chemotherapy and stem cell transplantations.

the thing is, her story is exactly like what my family and I have faced when Lin was warded in Bone Marrow Transplant [BMT] Unit, HKL
Side effects of chemotherapy on her mother, how her mother started to lose appetite, to lose hair. it's a relief to hear that her mother's condition is getting better.

I still remember when Lin cried one night when I called her during solat hajat program at our school attending as an alumnus. Meeting Lin's friends was such a happy event. hm, I should give them chances to hear Lin's voice. After talking to my mother that accompanied her in BMT unit, i chose the loud speaker option and passed the phone to them. Already absent for 3 months, her classmates kept saying how they missed Lin so much. Asking for her health condition, Lin with her weak voice, answered "Jangan risau.. ana OK je," [don't worry, i'm OK] .. ALLAH Knows how OK she was.. I could see the tears in their eyes.
While Lin.. kept asking how's study <benkyou> at school. did u guys finish that topic yet? suddenly her voice <koe> changed. Ya rabb,  I nearly burst into tears because I tried so hard not to cry in front of my beloved juniors. I'd impressed with her courage <yuuki> to study. even though all the hardships she suffered., she still didnt lose hope <kibou>. My mother always tell me, during her days in hospital, Lin kept saying that she want to study so much with her friends at school.
she was such a hardworking student. Love to make notes and decorate them with her manga-look drawings. she tried very hard even though her body is weak. we love Lin so much.., but there's somebody that loves Lin more.

ok. change the mood. hee
find a very nice song. made me reflect how to live my life.check this out~

Brothers - It's A Life Of Test

Hey Brother
Won't You Listen To Me
You're My Brother So Listen Carefully

This Life That We're Living
Wasn't Made For Nothing
Life Is A Test From Allah Almighty

There Are Many Times
When Allah Will Test You
To See If You Will Obey Or Betray

This Life Is A Life Of Test
Need Patience For Success
So Is Your Iman Strong Enough
Or Would You Fail Just Like The Rest

Obey For Allah's Love
Betray Be Sorry For Yourself
When You're Standing Helpless There
In Front Allah The Almighty

Life Is A Life Of Test...Believe It
You Must Strengthen Your Faith...Hey Brother
And Don't You Fail Like Others

Hey Brother
What's There For You To Say
It's Up To You If You Want To Believe Me

Allah Created Us
Give Us Everything
So Be Greatful And Don't Betray

Laugh At Me If You Wish
Say I'm Crazy If You Want
You'll Bite You Your Fingers One day
When You Find Out The Truth

Believe Me Or Do Not
It's A Change For You To Choose
Just Don't You Cry One Day
When It's Already Too Late

You Would Be Sorry
If You Choose To Betray
There Is No One There To Help You

If You'd Follow Allah's Way
You'd Be Safe In Paradise
If You'd Listen To Me
I Could Lay My Mind To Rest

You'd Then Be Happy
There Is No Need To Worry
You Would Live Forever Happy

You Would Be Happy
If You Just Follow Allah's Way
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